Our History

Keepcalmnaturals was born out of a desire to merge the ancient beauty techniques of our ancestors with the modern lifestyle of today. We believe that taking care of your skin should be easy and uncomplicated, and that healthy skin is happy skin. Our products are designed to make your skin more balanced and glowing.Tone up, tighten down, and get ready to #keepcalm and glow on!


Our Founder’s Story

My brand was created to help with skin issues in the most natural way possible. I had struggled with keeping my skin balanced due to stress, poor diet and unbalanced hormones. I discovered that using skincare tools daily did help me balance and tone my skin. Facial care is super important because it helps with anti-aging and making skin radiant. 

I was always curious about the different tools they used to enhance their beauty. As I grew older, my interest in skincare only intensified, and I began experimenting with different products and techniques to achieve the perfect complexion.


During the pandemic, I decided to pursue my passion for skincare and start my own business. I wanted to create a line of skincare tools that were affordable, effective, and easy to use. I spent months researching different materials and designs, and finally, I came up with a prototype for my first product – a facial roller and Gua Sha kit. We have now extended our product line to our own branded Gua Sha collection.

 “ I wanted to make skincare tools more affordable for everyone to use no matter what your skin type is”

Founder and CEO

              ~Shanay Ulett